Bevel Razor Review: Should Men Buy This Product?

Bevel Razor Review: The Right Choice for You?

Some men have accepted the fact that razor bumps are part of life. You however are not one of them, because you’re either shopping for a Bevel Razor or trying to find out more about this product. In this Bevel Razor review, you will find out if this razor is the right match for you. Bevel Razor Review

Razor bumps are ingrown hairs that stay inside the hair follicle and grow into the skin. They appear as small bumps on the skin, usually a red or pink rash that occur after shaving. There are plenty of reasons why you’re having razor bumps, like using the wrong shaving cream, a dull razor, or pressing the razor too hard on your skin.

While most guys are prone to razor bumps, black men are often the most susceptible. It’s estimated that eight out of 10 males with razor bumps are black. This is because curly hair is more likely to become ingrown hair.

The good news is that you don’t have to stop shaving, or keep a certain level of stubble, in order to prevent razor bumps. The Bevel Razor, which is specially designed for men with coarse and curly hair, or those who are prone to razor bumps. The Bevel Razor is a single blade safety razor that is part of the Bevel shaving kit. Does it do what it claims? Let us take a closer look.

What is Included in the Bevel Razor Shaving Kit?

The kit contains everything a good shaving kit should to maximize the experience and minimize any potential irritation.

  • Priming Oil- especially designed to moisturize the skin and create a smooth surface, enabling the razor to glide effortlessly across the skin without causing irritation.
  • Shaving Brush- gently exfoliates the skin, lifting hairs away and enabling the blade to slice through
  • Shave Cream- hydrates and moisturizes the skin and creates enough lather between the skin and blade for enhanced protection
  • Restoring balm- soothes and calms irritated skin while providing sufficient moisture to prevent dryness

You can see photos and a more detailed description of these items here.

How to Use It?

The first thing that you will see when you lift the cover off the starter kit box is the Bevel razor. It is noticeably heavier than multi-bladed razors that you may have used for years. It has a long handle, and a head that divides into the cap and base plate. You can unscrew the handle from the head, and insert the razor blade in between the cap and base plate after separating the said parts.Bevel razor

There’s also a shaving guide that you can turn to if you’re not used to shaving using a single blade. The razor is quite easy to use.  Put  a small amount of shaving cream on the area to be shaved using the shaving brush, and then position the head of the razor upright to the face. Gradually slant the razor downward until the blade gets in contact with the skin.

Rinse the blade carefully after every stroke. Don’t forget, too, to alternate using both sides. Rinse off any lather and pat with cold water so that the pores can close. Then pat dry.

What Are the Pros?

For one thing, the packaging and presentation of the whole kit is very stylish. This is very aligned with everything about the brand, as you will see from the website and overall look of everything with the company. If you are looking to give this as a gift (and it’s a rather unique, well-appreciated gift for men) you will be quite pleased.

The razor is obviously the star of the package, but the other products are quite important as well.

You’ll notice that the Bevel razor makes use of a single blade, unlike most razors today that have multiple blades. You might wonder if there’s any difference between using a single blade razor vs. multi blade razor. But as Bevel’s founder, entrepreneur and techie Tristan Walker found out in his research, there’s a reason why men in the old days didn’t have razor bumps.What Are the Pros

A single blade razor is able to move across the skin at an angle that is much gentler compared to a multi-blade razor. Because of that, the chance of ingrown hairs is reduced. There’s also less irritation on the skin.

The razor has a strong and sturdy design. It is made of high quality metal, and it is ergonomically designed for easier handling. The kit also comes with a spare set of extremely sharp razor blades.

The priming oil, restoring balm, and shaving cream all emit a fresh and pleasant fragrance. The aftershave also moisturizes the skin without leaving a greasy feeling, and it has menthol flavor that gives a mild cooling sensation.

What are the Cons?

Some of what is included in the complete Bevel package may or may not be of much interest to you. You are entitled to 1-on-1 video or phone call consultations, and access to the latest online articles on grooming hairstyle. You’ll also receive blades without paying for shipping costs, and you are also entitled to complimentary products.

Patience is the key to using the razor effectively. If you are expecting that you can get a smooth shave with the Bevel within seconds, then you are mistaken.  You might have to go over your face several times to ensure that you get a close shave and avoid your skin from getting irritated.

So it is definitely a little more of a time investment than the quick in-the-shower shave many of us are used to, but you are dealing with a whole other level of results and quality as well. Especially if you deal with irritation and razor bumps, the payoff is enormously worth it.

What Do Other People Have to Say About It?

Now that Bevel has been in the game for a while, there are more reviews than when we first published this, so it’s time for an update. There are a few ‘verified reviews’ online now as well, which means the website can confirm that the person writing did in fact purchase it.

Here are some of the comments made by those who have used this razor/ shaving kit:

  • “Bevel has come out with the best shaving set for men who are prone to having razor bumps. I highly recommend it.”- Martin, 42
  • Verified Review: User Will described the kit as “incredible” and the “best shave I’ve had in forever.” He reports being someone who deals with razor bumps, and after about a week they are “almost all the way gone.”
  • “The $30 starter kit is OK, although I find the monthly subscription fee a bit too high. But still, the razor delivers desired results. The other products aren’t bad either. “ – Melvin, 32
  • Certified Dermatologist Michelle Henry reports that 4 out of 5 men who used the razor in her clinical trials reported clearer skin.

Bevel Pricing

There is very good news now about the pricing of Bevel.

It has gone through a few iterations, and at one point was hard to recommend, but I am quite pleased that they have now made this an excellent deal and perhaps most importantly, given you a way to try it out without a big initial commitment, as well as letting you purchase products separately.

So you can now purchase any of the products separately if you want to try it, but they do all come part of a process and system designed to work together, so to really give it a proper chance, it is best to get it all.

with this in mind, the best deal is to sign up for the subscription even if you only do it for the initial purchase, as there is no long term commitment.

To get the whole kit including a new razor and blades this way, you’re looking at around $80.

Depending on how used to looking at high quality razors and shaving kits you are, that number may seem high or low. It is actually a very good deal for everything you are getting, at this level.

Like companies in other types of businesses than shaving, the idea is to give a good deal on the initial product hoping that the quality makes you a fan, and you’ll continue to get new blades, primer, etc.

If you stay subscribed, you will receive new blades, have website membership access and more at a better deal than refilling. They now offer the ability to choose this for monthly or every other month, which is a very welcome addition to those of us who don’t go through blades so quickly.

There is also a 14 day money back guarantee, minus the cost of shipping.

Should You Get It?

If you’re sick and tired of razor bumps, or want to experience a better shave, you should definitely give a more high end shaving system kit a try. One thing you WILL consistently hear is that it is a totally different experience and quality of shave than the traditional disposable razor route. This single blade razor is ideal for guys who are prone to razor bumps.

We hope you found this information helpful.